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Joy K- recommends Cora’s Cafe and Catering.

So once again we used Cora’s Cafe and Catering for a very small bbq. Believe me these 3 new salads we tried were excellent. (Broccoli/dill pickle/pesto). We couldn’t decide which was our favorite. Loved them all 7/21/22
I absolutely recommend Cora’s Cafe & Catering. We have ordered from them previously before the business opened officially and had our most recent order 8/13/22. Everything was exceptional. Expect great customer service, superior food and ample portions.


Rhonda S.   recommends Cora’s Cafe and Catering.

Amazing food, perfectly prepared and delivered!

Cora’s cafe and catering will now be my official go-to! 8/27/22

Cory Thomas  recommends Cora’s Cafe and Catering.

· The best sandwiches and salads around! 8/15/22

Natalie W.  recommends Cora’s Cafe and Catering.

They have catered for many occasions for us and never disappoint!!! The portions are awesome too!!8/16/22

Eddie E. 9/5/22

Everything was delicious and Cora was so polite and adorable when she delivered the deliciousness


Sandy E.  9/5/22

We devoured the sandwiches and brownies!! They were delicious!!!

Amy  L. 

Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely loved the broccoli salad!! However, I had to stop myself from pigging out on the pesto and dill pickle salad!! All were absolutely delicious!!! I was so full I didn’t even come home and have dinner! 8/22/22

Virginia K.  recommends Cora’s Cafe and Catering· 

I had my first tasting this weekend and everything was beyond delicious!!8/15/22

My first order was amazing Melissa Jane!!! Perfect for a Long Beach getaway! Cora’s Cafe and Catering service was above and beyond! it was absolutely perfect for our romantic beach picnics and more than enough food to last for the long weekend! Everything was amazing….most meals we ended up pulling out everything taking bites n saying ‘Omg you gotta try this one’. The horseradish sauce was so good i basically put it on everything  his favorite was the one with pickles n ham n signature spread - my fav was the harry connick. The brownies…legit best I’ve ever tasted - I’m pretty sure he hid some on me to keep for himself

Cari M.   · 8/16/22

$20 snack platter this week starting 8/15 that contains 1 lb. Feta, 8oz Kalamata olives, 8oz red pepper hummus, 8oz. Pepperoncini peppers, sliced cucumbers and pita bread for only $20! Free delivery within 5 miles!!! Stay tuned for pics of this deliciousness and place your orders!!!

I just received one of these, it was beyond good! You make your own lil bite up! You can't beat the price & you don't have to put it together! Check out their weekly specials people!

Tony C.    8/28/22
Food was amazing! Nothing but compliments. Thank you

Kelly R. 9/5/22
Old Timers Picnic was a success and so was the after party! Always trying to support local family and friends! We used Cora’s Cafe and Catering for yummy delicious sandwiches and Popus Gourmet Popcorn TP for yummy treats. Melissa Jane and Cora went above and beyond preparing our order, packaging it so it was temperature controlled for our long day, gave utensils/napkins and boats to use as well. She topped it off with Cora's famous brownies which were delightful! I would highly recommend them for future parties! I know I will. 

Eleanor J.   12/11/22
Highly recommend Cora's Cafe and catering!! The holiday wreath I ordered with meat ,cheese & veggies was so delicious-all the ingredients extremely fresh and such a beautiful presentation!! You will not be disappointed if you order with Cora's.  

April Z.  12/22/22
I ordered the sandwich platter and a pesto pasta for a work get together! they were excellent. Everyone raved about the pasta. We will definitely order again!

Barb W. 6/4/23
Our guests all said the food was excellent. I am so happy we supported this hometown business. Absolutely would recommend. 

Kristie N. 2/12/24-Take and Bake Meals
Got the Chicken and Biscuits and it was VERY good! We will be buying dinner from them in the future!!

Barb K. 2/16/24
We order from Cora's usually once a week. Sometimes we get the individual meals; sometimes the weekly family meals. We have never had a meal we didn't enjoy. You get a large portion for a great price. And the best thing is it's home-cooked. Our favorites so far are the meatloaf and the bacon spaghetti. Ordering and payment is easy to do thru the website. You then select a time for pick up and text them when you arrive. They even bring it out to your car for you. Definitely recommend Cora's.

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